Children's Book Review

I’m Mixed Book Review

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me for this week’s children’s book review. I was gifted this in exchange for my honest review. The book is called, I’m Mixed written by Maggy WIlliam and illustrated by Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta. Before I get into the review, the opening of the book is great for children and I love the color scheme and font she choose for this book.

Moving on, so this book about self acceptance is great for mixed children to learn to accept themselves. It’s about changing the status quo that they have to accept one part of themselves over the other. I enjoyed reading this book and it’s an easy read for early learners as well. The illustrations are very nice also.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. I recommend this book for all children, especially biracial children who may be exploring their identity or self-acceptance. The lesson of self acceptance is an important takeaway from this book. Great read. I look forward to getting the physical copy for our library.

Peace & Love


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