Blogging, My Poetry

The Old Desk Series, 2015

When I have crazy/bad dreams, I try to release that energy somewhere.

Soul Ties:

Our touch was electric,

The love wasn’t there,

Our hearts were not in it,

The lack of the fight,

The lack of the push,

The lack of the shove,

The lack of emotions,

The lack of the love,

Why can’t i forget you?

We both have moved on,

Soul ties are drawn,

I’m happy without you,

I chose to move on,

You chose to ignore the feelings i had for you,

So he opened the door,

Yet I didn’t forget you,

I simply moved on to someone who would fight for me,

At least at that time,

But I still missed you,

Wanted to see you but then you moved on,

I couldn’t forget you,

The love wasn’t there,

Just stupid soul ties,

And now I remember why,

We never were one,

You wanted to wait,

And I wanted love,

I wanted happiness,

I wanted hope,

I wanted a love that was worth the fight,

But you just let it go,

Slip through your fingers,

So I stayed away,

It was a sign,

That we could never be,

More than just friends,

More than acquaintances,

So I moved on,

Then I let go,

Without the closure,

I closed the door,

But I still dreamt of you,

Thought it was a sign,

The timing was wrong,

It wasn’t right but a part of me needed you,

Just for the closure,

The connection was a the strongest I’d ever faced but you didn’t get it,

The torture was real,

Because I still dreamt of you at least once a year,

But I am happy here in my new life,

That’s the problem with soul ties,

Sometimes they reappear through the subconsciousness mind,

Save yourself from the heartache,

Save your heart from the pain,

Of thinking of someone who won’t think of you the same,

Soul ties will get you,

Don’t get caught up thinking that it’s love when it was simply just lust…..

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