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The Inner Child Just Wants to Have Fun

Hey everyone! It’s one of those random download days. You know when you have an epiphany and your mind keeps going to the okay, we can do this or do that and play this way or that way. And oh, what if we create this today? It’s one of those days, It a beautiful Thursday to be exact! (That’s when the draft was initiated)

(I recorded this video on Thursday. I wanted to touch on some of the things not mentioned in the video, and there may be some overlap.)

Have you ever wondered how children wake up enthusiastic about the day? It doesn’t matter what happens the day before, they tend to start fresh as if anything of the previous day doesn’t matter and just be happy? At least, that’s been my experience. It’s interesting watching them get upset before bedtime and wake up the next morning as if it’s a new day. In reality, it is a new day and they only remember the moments or reminders from the previous day that they choose. They seek new adventures and look forward to having fun and enjoying the day. I watch my children have dance parties every morning before work as if they hadn’t done it the day before and sometimes we repeat this when I get off. They re-watched Moana so many times I lost count and eventually stopped complaining about it and joined in the fun with them. I think that’s when our relationship changed the most. Their dad commented one time, “you’re a big kid with them.” I felt bad for a moment but now, I realize it’s one of the best compliments, I’ve received in my whole life. I’ll tell you why.

Somewhere along the lines, we forget this. Not the forgetting necessarily what we have gone through, but we forget to have fun. We allow ourselves to become victims of the things that happened to us. We don’t count things as happening for us growing up. We develop a me vs them attitude and believe the world is out to get us. It’s not. Things are happening for us. I know given my past, most would call me a victim of circumstances. I don’t consider myself a victim of sexual abuse or a victim of physical abuse. I don’t consider myself a victim. I made this decision and knew that I had a journey ahead and that I wanted to enjoy my life.

I’ve learned that the greatest thing I can do for Taneisha, is to just have fun and express myself. That my emotions matter. Children are often silenced so much by their parents and they grow up to be passive aggressive, or at least I did. I have been told I was too passive or not assertive enough by therapists and they were right. Although, it upset me when they told me this, I wasn’t ready to hear it. I wasn’t ready to let my guards down and express myself in any other form outside of writing. Before we become adults, we are conditioned. I know now that this is another part of my healing journey to deal with. Having been silenced so much, I have a lot to say now about a lot of things but most of it is just the inner child breaking free of all of the expectations and old beliefs. I love it.

How can we address the stigma that children should just do as their parents say? How can we foster a climate of change and honor their voice? How can you honor your inner child and begin to break free of beliefs that no longer serve you or make you FEEL happy? What can you do today to honor yourself. Leave your comments below or on this post when you see it. Let’s connect/co-create but only if you want to.

Until next time,

Peace & Love




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