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Rich Dad, Poor Dad “All About the Money” Review

Hi everyone! Hope you all are enjoying 2018 so far. It’s been an exciting year for me. I’ve also decided to take the leap and launch my business, a work in progress. That being said, be sure to look out for loads of business book reviews or as I like to call them “All About the Money” book reviews.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is one of those life changing books and not the usual self help, think positive books. It gets into the eaches (not a real word, I know but this is how I would say it in real life. Lol) and makes you reflect on how you think and feel about money.

For me this book made me reflect on things I was told growing up, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” or “go to school and get a good education” or “join the military.” I’ve done both of those things but that’s another personal money blog. I enjoyed what I learned from this book. Real estate creates generational wealth. Having a business can create generational wealth also but the key is to keep going. Some business ideas are great but the execution may need some work. It can work. I recommend this book for those wanting a jumpstart on the conversation of money and seeing money differently. We all have the control to choose how we see money. I see it as a great thing. Specifically money is energy. (also another post)

Great book that helped me change my perspective and made me want to read more books on money and shifting my thought process.

Peace & Love,


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