The Old Desk Series,”Are You Forgetting Something?”

I’m on the outside looking in,
Can you feel the distance?
I sit and watch because you won’t defend me,
Will you ever fight for me?
Or just let your friends and family continue to disrespect me,
The one you call your wife,
But to your friends,
I’m a chick that needs training,
Not a woman and you laugh at that,
I’m the one who should be left behind,
Why is that?
The week of my birthday we can’t even celebrate
and when we’ll have the money to you chose
to celebrate someone else’s,
Without thinking about how that makes me feel,
Family or not aren’t you forgetting something?
Like baby are you sure?
Like would you like to come?
Like I’ll chill with my friends but spend some time with you too,
Get you out of the house for the weekend,
But instead I get,
I won’t be able to have fun if I know you don’t have plans,
So I plan to read a book and that’s enough for you but you’re
still forgetting something,
That you can’t see,
Got me asking myself what the heck was I thinking?
Including you in everything and you let your friends and family isolate me,
Exclude me, refuse me,
Hold up I need more time to think…..
Peace & Blessings,

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