Pouring In

When she began to love herself,

She remembered her power,

It all came back to her bit by bit over time,

She learned to recognize those who didn’t,

She had to love them from a distance,

Instead of pouring out her cup again,

She loved all of them,

Pouring into herself,

She began to see all the love she was missing,

She had never known love could be like this,

She poured out and got rid of doubt,

Doubt killed her dreams and

then she remembered herself,

She became her moon,

She became her sun,

She became the savior that she needed not to be overturned,

By the thoughts of men,

She worshipped them,

So long she’d forgotten to look for the savior within,

Become a goddess and love the woman within,

Her beauty radiates from within,

Her signature essence buried beneath the sand,

She comprehends her magic,

She graces the stage with her presence,

She levitates,

Her strength from within,

Growing daily,

Multiplying she’s birthing nations,

Shifting the paradigm,

Shifting the state at which consciousness is received,

When she remembered to pour into herself,

The story changed.

Peace & Love


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