Self Love= Stop Comparing Yourself

Over the past few weeks, I’d say life has been some type of emotional roller coaster. 😂 Literally, I’ve cried. I’ve laughed and I’ve talked to myself in more ways than one about why this is for me. When I compare myself to other writers, other poets, other resellers, it causes this anxiousness that isn’t for my greatest benefit or anyone around me. Comparing myself leads me into this overdrive and quick depression of feelings of not being enough, doing it or being loving enough.

One day while browsing social media, as I do often, I realized I’d been doing it again. It sparked this action in me to delete every app, with the exception of Twitter. So now if I want to see anything or browse, it takes just a second longer to log in through the web browsers. I can’t message anyone from the web browsers either. It’s convenient in a way to not have instant messenger at my fingertips. It also allowed me to focus on my schoolwork and my goals. I remember doing this last year when I first launched my reselling business just to focus and build, except I only deleted Facebook then. Now my instagram is full of other resellers also and I’ve slowly been unfollowing them on my personal page so I’m not surrounded by Resell stats on both my personal and business IG. I’m very happy for their success, it’s nothing personal. I just kept comparing my success with that of other resellers and it drove me into some deep feelings that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I have since followed them all on my business page instead. It’s okay to celebrate and be happy for other people. Just don’t allow yourself to compare yourself to them. When you do feelings of self doubt can arise within you. I felt negative, but I decided to stick with it either way and push. From meditation to positive affirmation videos and listening to blogs while I worked, I knew I had to ground myself and refocus. I had to scale back to evaluate my personal goals, my desires and recommit to what I knew to be true of me.

One part of business anyone rarely talks about is how to push yourself when you feel like giving up. When you’ve compared yourself so much to everyone else in your field, remember that no two journeys are alike. Your journey is not their journey. You have your own road to take. The next time you feel like giving up on your dreams, take a break, do whatever you need to do, but don’t quit because you’ve been comparing yourself to someone else. You’ll know when you need to move on. Don’t quit because you have some rough days. Because sales are slow or because you’re not writing as fast or producing as much as everyone else. Don’t quit because you haven’t reached a big enough audience. Those who are meant to find you will or you may need to adjust your marketing or promotion strategies.

Evaluate yourself first. It’s easy to blame others, but are you looking inside? Are you really doing all that you can? You are enough. You can do anything you put your mind to. See yourself successful, prosperous and healthy. You will become what you see yourself as.

Peace & Love


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