Blogging, My Poetry


Let’s rest,

Let it all flow in,

Harvest is here,

It’s time to give in,

To relaxing into the blessings,

To allow the rain to pour over what was planted,

That we reap what we’ve sown,

Not taking anything for granted,

Where the leaves fall,

We know that change is upon us,

Being showered with love,

We laugh,

We relax into the pumpkin things,

And feelings of thanks rush over us,

We bring gratitude with he rising Sun,

Grateful to have survived another death,

With more downloads than we think we can handle,

We pace ourselves,

Harvest time has arrived,

It’s time to reap,

Its time to relax,

It’s time to remember our purpose and release what doesn’t serve us,

Harvest has come,

Bathe in the abundance of what we’ve planted,

Knowing all our worries and doubts are released and it is handled,

By the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon,

By the tides of the water,

And our hearts full bloom,

By our feet touching the sand,

By the grass upon our hair,

By the laughter of the trees,

As we talk to them throughout the day,

By the motions we give into,

By the way we say our prayers,

We give into allowing,

And say our harvest prayer.

Peace & Love


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