My Poetry

To All of The Girls

To all of the girls, I’ve loved before,
I shouldn’t say girls,
I’ve only loved one.
She’s a woman now,
Her name is at the tip of my tongue,
He asks if I’ll leave him for her,
Truth is,
I don’t know what the future holds,
Open relationships or not I still crave,
The affection of her,
I released her because we aren’t on the same page,
But damn those kisses that still linger,
Maybe in another dimension, we were joined,
The way my heart drops when I reminisce,
Talked on the phone for hours,
But something changed,
Now I’m curious,
I’d rather explore this life with you than somebody else,
Do you still think of me too?
Am I alone in this?
Am I breaking your rules?
To not let anyone close?
So you proposed we don’t speak?
I just wanted to see you,
To know if you still feel things,
Damn the way you put your fingers between my folds and kissed me,
I can’t think of anyone else who’s ever loved me the way you did,
But then again,
We claimed we were just friends,
We were young and still finding ourselves,
Yet here I am once again thinking,
I can’t seem to put the pieces together,
Or to make this make sense,
We released each other so long ago,
Why do I think about you,
I feel your touch as if it’s Déjà vu,
Like you’re right here next to me,
Except you’re not,
I’m not sure how to make it stop,
I’m going forward,
Is forward being truthfully honest,
That maybe this won’t work,
But what if it does?
Not a relationship with you per se,
Just maybe breaking away from one set way,
What if the craving and desire never go away?

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