My Poetry


Naked and unashamed,

Tears falls in unexplainable ways,

For this desire to connect,

Because to connect with oneself is a beautiful thing,

Then there are periods when she wants to connect,

Beyond this physical plane and he doesn’t know,

So they’re physical and she cries once more,

Hiding the tears back,

He never knows,

She knows what she craves isn’t fulfilled,

She wonders if it exist,

Does she exist?

Can he see her beyond the physical features?

Her exterior, her demeanor,

Lack of physical connection,

She’s bolder,

Speaks what she wants and holds nothing back,

Except maybe the tears after sex,

Who wants to know the disconnect so strong,

She feels the energy leaving her yoni each time,

Yet she told herself that she’s inclined,

To do what marital people do,

Maybe she’s not married and she still holds these beliefs too,

When does she become fulfilled on a physical level?

Her desires,

His lack of inquiries,

No drawbacks,

Her body is his,

So he believes,

She concedes,

To self fulfilled pleasures,

Naked and unashamed,

She’s here,

He’s here,

What will come of two former lovers?

Beckoning spiritually for someone other than one another,

She lies naked in the sunset,

Letting her thoughts release into the sea,

Facedown in the sand,

Naked and revealing everything.

Peace & Love


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