My Poetry

Women & Magick

Is she a witch because she believes in magick?

Is she a witch because she meditates and believes in the power of the Sun and Moon?

Like how the tides of the ocean change with the moonrise?

Maybe it’s her motives,

Maybe it’s her stare,

Maybe it’s the way she moves,

And attracts her crystal stair,

The crystals attached to her neck,

The ones dangling from her hair,

She honors her ancestors and Mother Nature,

Sometimes connecting to them by what she wears,

The way she gazes at the Sun,

Lying out fully naked,

Beneath the moon in private lands,

A rose quartz in her hand,

Self-love and clarity,

Amethyst for her crown,

What does she tell you about yourself?

Her intuition from her higher self?

In tune with who she is,

Maybe she’s a witch because she doesn’t conform,

Maybe it’s because she’s strong,

Enough to believe in the power of one,

Of bribing herself into alignment,

She reads your energy beware,

No lies can escape her gaze,

Sometimes she’ll acknowledge,

Sometimes she won’t,

But if it doesn’t matter,

Then why shorten her days?

Is she a witch because she believes in magick?

Or is it because you don’t believe,

That all power resides within our souls,

For everything that we need?

Maybe she’ll free your mind one day,

But that’s when you’ll want release,

From the rules, you’ve grown to know by now,

Inside the paradox of life,

That you’ve been led this entire time,

Unknowingly submitting to give up your power,

Have you ever even considered?

That you’ve been a puppet this entire time,

Brainwashed by society to think magick was evil,

Except in a few Disney movies,

Women were evil because of their insight,

She can see things and feel things intuitively,

She’s not afraid of you or your wicked deeds,

Why are you so threatened by her?

Peace & Love


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