Never Give Up

How often do we find ourselves in a place where we make goals and don’t reach them? Or we want something to happen by a certain timeframe and it doesn’t happen? It’s easy to give up and walk away. It’s easy to quit, but success is not about quitting. Success is about taking the road that will lead you to your goals. It’s about using what you have to make that work. It’s about pushing forward no matter what. We’ve all felt like quitting at some point or another. When you feel like quitting is when you should fight the hardest. Okay, so you need a break. Take five minutes, or take a whole day but get back on the bike (whatever analogy you’d like to place here) and try again. “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” (I read online that Tom Hanks said this, but I’m not sure. Don’t hold my feet to the fire, just thought it was appropriate.)

Set your intentions. Be clear about your goals. Reevaluate if you need to, but push forward. You are worthy and you deserve the best that life has to offer.


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