My Poetry


So the world turns,

Days go by and some days

I’m at my wits end thinking of what next,

Her voice is calm,

She listens,

And she gets me,

Her creative energy allows me to go there,

Navigating and releasing,

We go there together,

Her voice navigating to the best selection,

Creative sessions turn into creative flames,

Drawing on her,

She becomes my muse,

And I the drum to her vibration,

We’re on a natural high,

Our creative process,


Allowing me to be,

No worries,

No complaints,

The air that fans the flames,

She speaks,

“Anything is possible,”

This I know which is why I’ve come to the crossroads,

Which road to take,

“Any will do,”

She says all collected,

As if my brain can’t explode any faster,

She knows,

She sees the wheels spinning,

“Listen and take a seat,”

I do as instructed,

Her hands upon my shoulders,

She speaks,

“Everything under the Sun is for your making,

In your world,

You are the creator,

Any path you take will be the right one,

You will it to your work,”

These sessions with her always put me at ease,

We speak life to each other,

I can feel her near and she’s not present yet,

But this is how it goes,

To be with someone in the flow,

Pushing you beyond your wildest dreams,

Helping you see all that resides within,

Not your anchor,

Pushing you into the wind,

To just breathe,

How easily a love will captivate me,

We become 2 by 2,


No consistency,

Because that stunts the growth of creativity,

She’s an artist,

I her muse,

We switch roles often….

To be continued

Peace & Love,


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