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The Old Desk Series: Replacing Love, A Poem

Hi and welcome back to my blog. I chose this poem from my book because it made me realize how much I’ve changed over the years. I’m grateful for growth. I wrote this originally back in 2011.

Anger suppressed,

Peace removed

Thoughts unfold,

Hurt finally blooms,

Midnight awakens,

False hopes arise,

Endless tears,

And nonstop cries,

Temptation becomes inevitable,

Fake smiles please the crowd,

The time is now,

Anger unwilling to be tamed,

False hope, false melodies,

Happy endings unrelenting,

Happiness seizes to appear,

Heartbreak remains dormant,

Of a heart that once existed,



Time stops,

Anger is forever,

Melodies and screams,



Unassertive, it builds to explode,


Dreams crushed,



And destroyed,

Anger hastens to ruin the day,

Forgive me,

Quick tongue,

Unwitting and spiteful,

Mean and bitter,

Temporarily blocked out,

By the rising volcanic explosion to come,

Anger explodes and implodes,

On my life and yours,

Regret fills angry eyes with tears,

Pain arises,

Anger still boils,

But finally below boiling point,

Nothing left but debris and unforgiveness,

Although I have said, I’m sorry,

It falls on deaf ears,

I say let’s talk and it’s the same,

Shove me out the way,

Well, maybe, I deserve it,

Maybe I’m worthless in your eyes,

Who disregard my tears as my want for attention,

And not laying aside my pride,

It’s over now,

We’re two, not one,

Come and gone,




Anger flees,

Peace sleeps,

And sadness awakens to comfort,

Let go an move on,

Forgiveness unknown,

Locked doors still unopened,


My soul dies,

My eyes stop crying,

My life is new,

I no longer have you,

My heart is broken,

Because you gave up,

Guess that’s the cost,

When anger replaces love…

Peace & Love,


From the book: Life & Love Volume I

Life & Love

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