My Poetry

I Felt

I felt myself coming down from the high,

Every herb I tried lingered in the suicide,

My so called friends told me to get over it,

The I wanted to pity,

I wanted to be heard and that was a pity,

I wanted to feel loved,

Needed and cared for,

Not like the sack of clay waiting for the potter,

Waiting for better days,

When I knew that I was smarter,

I knew how to get out of my own way,

But my concentration on them made it harder to focus,

My own lane crowded with thoughts and emotions,

Fake smiles that bore thoughts of despair,

Keeping busy and dreaming that death was already there,

She owned me,

I owned her,

We played these games back and forth,

I felt used,

I felt washed up,

I’m glad I didn’t stop there,

Now I feel peace,

The calm,

The release,

Nothing is as though it ever seemed….


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