My Poetry

By The Time

By the time I decided to give a fuck,

The clock had already run out,

The decision had already been made,

Boxes packed, beds left unmade,

And he was long gone,

The depression knocking at my front door,

Anxiety to my left and right,

His new girl,


And I wasn’t angry at her role,

I wasn’t even angry at him,

I was angry because I screwed myself over,

Just to be through with him,

I smiled at th judge,

My insides bursting with joy,

My higher self asking,

Why didn’t you ask for more,

For what I needed to get by,

I felt unworthy,


Lingered in the thoughts at the time,

There was no him and I,

My children preffered her,

But I couldn’t see that it was only because,

She was available and I had to work,

To give up everything,

To squash every dream,

I put myself to the bottom,

And so he walked over,

Never looking back,

Never bothering to care,

To see any pain,

To cast any cares,

Truth is,

I needed to pull myself up,

I knew what to do,

Sort of,

I wanted to run away,

I felt called to stay,

And then once I released,

Happiness came,

It took awhile,

About three long years,

I finally decided that I was done with it…..


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