My Poetry


Holding out for things to change,

Feeling the disconnect,

Our hearts are not the same as when we first met,

Which is understandable,

I’m more vulnerable,

 You’ve become more distant,

I’m trying to understand if I was your charity case,

My thoughts linger there,

We share a bed with no feelings,

Just empty space between,

Can you understand me?

Or was it just a matter of show with the ring?

Maybe I shouldn’t say those things,

I should be grateful you took interest,

That you pulled me in,

But I can’t help but feel like this is a repeat,

His emotional manipulation got the best of me,

A ring came as a symbol of ego,

That no one else could have me because he wanted to be the hero,

Yet all the while,

I was the one saving him,

When we met our end,

He didn’t understand that I wanted to be friends,

But friendship takes trust and I have little left,

I needed to learn to trust myself,

Can I trust myself?

Be vulnerable with myself?

I need to cry and get the thoughts out but no more tears will come from my eyes…


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