About Me


It’s Taneisha Grace here hoping you are having a wonderful day. When asked the question who am I, I often wonder where to begin. So here’s the short version.

I am originally from a small town in Florida called Gretna. In regards to my family life, I am married and have two wonderful children.

I am a college graduate and I am currently working to obtain my Master’s in Health & Wellness from ACHS.

There is nothing more important in the world to me than my relationship with my family and showing compassion to others.

Peace & Love


19 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Lady T my name is Boitumelo Mookudi in South Africa i would love to believe that i am writer currently i am writing a book titled A girl with teary eyes and i have written a few poems but have not published them i only posted them on FB so i was wondering if maybe you can mentor me on how to get my work published.

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    1. Hi Boitumelo, that’s amazing. The first question would be to decide if you want your work in a magazine first. There are quite a few places that accept submissions of 3-5 poems but they can’t be published. However if you want to do a poetry collection, decide how you want the book to be configured and send the book to a poetry editor. Research poetry publishing. I used Kindle direct publishing for my e-book.


  2. I am Trey Norman. I am from a small town called Benson, NC. I am trying to create a book for LGBTQ community called Finding his true love. I think this is an awesome book to read for my LGBTQ community because it will have stuff for you to laugh, to cry, and to be inspire of who can be your true love. For my christian and straight people I have something for ya too. And I also write poetry.


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