Hi everyone! I know, two book reviews to read today and possible books to buy and curl up to for the weekend ahead. I was gifted this book for my honest review. Meg Mitchell & The Secret of the Journal was written by Kimberly McNeil. Let’s get started. This book is 455 pages long and worth the read. So get cozy.

Our main character is Meg Mitchell and she is on a journey. After all, being adopted, finding your father’s journal and discovering you have cousin you didn’t even know existed is just about enough to turn anyone’s world upside down. Meg goes on an adventure with her beloved family members where things began to unravel. Let’s just say, it’s an adventure worth taking. There are centaurs and more in this fun, action packed story.

Kimberly writes a story about family and what it means to do what it takes for them. What adds a personal touch to the book are the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. This plot starts off with Meg battling centaurs, which makes me think of fantasy/adventure novels but it turns out to be more. The story line and plot are both great.

This book is perfect for young adults and any reader who likes adventure with some mystery/fantasy and more.

Great news: there are more to this series! So be sure to stay tuned for the sequels.

Peace & Love Lady T.

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