Poetry Collaborations w/Slim #1

Me and Slim met in the digital world on Twitter. She’s dope and I really love her writing style. I haven’t been able to locate our first collaboration but I will continue working on that. Someone at Twitter has to know how to get to tweets that are over 90 days old right? In the meantime check out some of our other work below. You can follow her blog here:


Our Collaborations: Jan. 23. 2018

Tear down your walls,
Let me pour into you,
That which you didn’t know you had in you,
Let’s build together,
Create this wealth together,
In this world we create together moving past any obstacles,
Past hurts and guarded walls,
It’s ok to fall ,
I’ll be here when you call
We’re aligned in the stars
Fire flies lit up like our love in jelly jars
For The world is ours
For the taken , there’s no mistaking
Our fears all real
But together we can seal the deal
Just believe and feel
That’s why we’re here
The point of conquering our fears
As we pour into each other to soar heights past galaxies
To grow in this life together
Get what we want to have better
Fire flies can light our path
So the grass breaks any fall
We’re here for each other
Day night&on call

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